Services Plans

Services Plans

In the busy environment of a construction site or similar location, it is easy to let machine and equipment maintenance schedules slip. Only when the equipment fails does maintenance rocket up your list of priorities. The problem is that it is then too late, as you will experience downtime while the machine is repaired.

The solution is preventative maintenance, which is exactly what you will get with our service plans. Our service plans are available for any type of petrol or diesel machine, with high-quality and reliable workmanship guaranteed.

The plans run over 24 months and cover the inspection and servicing of your equipment over that period. The only additional costs will be parts that need to be replaced. Our service plans are the most cost-effective and hassle-free way to keep your essential construction equipment operational.

We are currently working on developing a GPS and machine tracker to include in our service plans. Once developed, we’ll fit the modern tracker to the machine to ensure you always know where it is. The tracker will also keep a record of the machine’s usage which can be reviewed in a handy runtime log.

The data produced by the tracker is also monitored on our system so we can identify the optimum service intervals. Using the real-time information from your equipment, we’ll send you a notification when a service is due. This takes the guesswork out of machine and equipment maintenance and further helps prevent breakdowns from occurring. Overall, our service plans will save you time and money while helping to keep work on-site up-to-date and on schedule.