Benefits of Using A Concrete Mixer In Construction Work

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30 May 2023

Benefits of Using A Concrete Mixer In Construction Work

Concrete is used in many different types of construction projects for countless reasons. If you’ve got an upcoming project requiring concrete, you may have a big question: ‘Where will I get this concrete, and how will I mix it?’ Knowing the ins and outs of concrete mixers and machine repair before you start your next project can help you find the best solution for you. 

You’ve got a few options that you can choose. You could mix the concrete yourself; you could have it delivered from somewhere off-site; or you could choose to get a concrete mixer that you and your team can use on-site. 

We’re here to help you understand why that last option may be perfect for you.

The Top Benefits Of Using A Concrete Mixer On Your Construction Site

Concrete mixers that have been maintained by experts who understand machine repair, can offer you quality concrete right on your construction site! They come with plenty of advantages that everyone should know about, such as:

They’re Productive. How long does it take one worker to mix up a batch of concrete? It’s tough, physical labour that people rarely volunteer for. Who wants to spend their time mixing heavy concrete when they could be taking care of other crucial tasks? 

When you have a concrete mixer, the machine can practically do all of the work for you. These wonderful machines make it easy to mix up batches of concrete with minimal effort in a quicker amount of time. Your concrete will be all ready, and your team can continue to be productive. 

They Can Improve Concrete Quality. Mixing multiple components together can be very difficult because you’ll need to ensure that everything gets mixed evenly to create a good, consistent mixture. Doing this by hand, especially when you’re tired or don’t have much time to spare, can result in lumpy, uneven concrete that isn’t effective. 

But by using your concrete mixer you will be able to produce consistently high-quality concrete if you use it correctly. Always be sure your concrete mixer is in good condition and has gotten the machine repair it needs to ensure it works well. 

They’re The Safer Choice. Mixing concrete yourself isn’t always the safest choice. It’s difficult, back-breaking labour that can cause serious strain on your back and other muscles. This muscle tension will only make it more difficult to complete your other duties. 

Also taking into account, the components of the concrete itself aren’t the safest to be around. Concrete dust can cause issues if inhaled or if it gets into your eyes. Please ensure to wear the right protective gear when you deal with materials like this. 

Although a concrete mixer won’t completely eliminate fatigue or exposure to cement ingredients, it’ll certainly help minimise it! A convenient mixer means you’ll have to handle the components less and put less physical effort into mixing them. This means that, overall, mixing concrete will be a safer job.

They’re Easy To Transport. Is your new construction site a bit far away? No worries, you’ll be able to easily transport your excellent concrete mixer because they’re relatively small and easy to move. This makes them ideal for any location, close or far away.

They’re Convenient. Combine the above-listed benefits, and you get quite a convenient machine! They help your team mix concrete quicker; they provide you with high-quality concrete right on your site; they make your site safer and they’re easy to move. What’s not to love?

Just be sure that your concrete mixer has gotten all of the machine repair servicing it needs to work properly. Remember to ensure your mixer (and all of your equipment) is working well before starting your project. You don’t want to be hard at work in the middle of a tough job only to discover that one of your most useful pieces of equipment isn’t working.

How Can You Get A Concrete Mixer For Your Site?

A cement mixer sounds fantastic! But how can you get one for your New Zealand construction site?

No worries, we’ll help! Machiniwam can provide you with affordable and reliable second-hand concrete mixers. Our team of professionals care for our machines to ensure they’re in fantastic condition.

We’re also machine repair experts, so even if you already have a concrete mixer, we can ensure it’s maintained and ready to go.

Whom To Speak To About Affordable Machine Options And Repair In New Zealand

Machines and equipment help people all around New Zealand complete their important tasks, but what do you do when those machines need servicing? You call Machiniwam, of course! We, at Machiniwam do our best to help construction companies, contractors and more with their useful equipment. 

Do you work with small machinery? We encourage you to come visit our site to check out our services. We’re happy to provide you with effective services to help you make every job a success. 

Please feel free to give our Machiniwam team a call at 021 089 72923 if you have any questions for us; we’d love to chat. 

Ensure all of your machines are working as they should with Machiniwam!