5 Easy Tips to Maintain Your Generator for Better Life

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30 May 2023

5 Easy Tips to Maintain Your Generator for Better Life

A good, running generator is a staple piece of equipment for many types of projects. You won’t always have access to a power supply, so having a generator and knowing where you can find excellent generator maintenance services is a must. 

Improper care and maintenance can lead to your generator malfunctioning or not working at all, leaving you and your team – quite literally! – in the dark. Your generator dying is inconvenient, frustrating and will cause you to either purchase a brand-new one or spend more money on extensive repairs. 

But don’t worry, standard generator maintenance and upkeep really isn’t that difficult. You can follow the simple tips in this article to make sure your generator stays running for a long time. Easy maintenance tips and routine servicing by professionals can save you time, money and stress.

How To Easily Maintain Your Generator To Ensure Longevity And Productivity

You probably have a lot of experience with tools if you’re regularly working with a generator, but you don’t have to have a high level of technical knowledge to treat your generator right. Your effort, and occasional generator maintenance services from the right professionals, will drastically extend your generator’s life.

What is generator upkeep like? Consider the following five tips for your generator:

1. Keep It Clean! First, keep your generator clean! Generators are usually used outside or on construction sites, which aren’t the cleanest areas in the world. Your generator may be exposed to dirt and debris. This may not seem like a really big deal at first, but dirt and little bits of substances could get inside your generator and hinder its performance. Too many obstructions can lead to worsening conditions for your generator. 

You can use an air supply or a rag to clean your generator safely. We highly recommend not using a pressure washer or other forms of harsh treatment because this can cause more harm than good.

2. Get Your Oil Changed. Professional generator maintenance services can assist you with an oil change if you aren’t sure how to correctly do it yourself. Some people recommend changing your oil every 50 to 100 hours of operation, but your oil change schedule may be different depending on your situation. 

If you’re not sure how often you should change your oil, you should speak to the people providing you with excellent maintenance services for advice. For example, at Machiniwam, our helpful team is always here to offer you our advice and assistance. 

3. Check It Regularly. It would be extremely frustrating if you went to use your generator after a while of not using it, only for it to not turn on at all! Check your generator yourself on a routine basis. Even if you’re not using it, you should check it and test it to see that it’s still functional. 

This way, you can avoid situations where you need it but it won’t work. You can then take it in for generator maintenance services if you find that it’s not working right. 

4. Always Use It Correctly. Absolutely always use your generator correctly. All powered tools and devices can be dangerous if used incorrectly. 

Use your generator as you should, set it up correctly in a space that’s suitable for it and never treat it too roughly. Following standard safety rules keeps you, your team and your generator safe.

Handling your generator or any of your tools recklessly can result in serious damage or accidents. Many people think that if an accident hasn’t happened before, it won’t happen now. But accidents often occur when we least expect them to. 

When working on any project involving potentially dangerous tools or machinery, it’s always better to be cautious now than regretful later. 

5. If It Requires Service, Only Get It Serviced By A Qualified Professional. Finally, if your generator ever needs servicing and you’re not qualified or trained to do it yourself, always have it seen by professionals. Trying to perform extensive generator maintenance services on your generator without the right tools, experience or training can lead to further problems. 

When should you take your generator to be seen by professional technicians? It’s typically recommended to have your generator maintained every 6 to 12 months, even if it seems to be working fine. Your generator may have underlying issues that you don’t know about yet. 

Of course, if you notice there are clear issues with your generator or you suspect that something may be wrong, you also go to professional technicians then just to be safe.

Does Your Generator Need Maintaining? No Worries – Call Us Today!

Machiniwam is here and ready to provide you with our helpful services! We can perform quality generator maintenance services to keep your generator in good condition. We’re happy to help the people of New Zealand with our construction equipment repair and maintenance knowledge. 

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